From Print media to Online one

During the last 20 decades the media has changed enormously due to the increase of new technologies. These changes were mainly due thanks to the internet. Print media such as newspapers, magazines and books were affected since all the content in these print forms is now available in data bases such as Google, Yahoo and, so on. The immediate access to the Internet has made users to choose the Internet over the print media and moreover to replace them. Every day more and more print organizations have opted to change their formats into online ones to have a wider audience since the print media has decreased over the last years.

Another reason why the print media has decreased its audience, its because the “Y” generation was born in the boom and shift from print to online media. More and more young people use their smartphones, laptops and tablets nowadays to get any kind of information. The Internet has taught us to use less effort every time since to have access to pretty much anything with just scrolling down or up or clicking a link. Famous newspapers and magazines organizations such as The New York Times, The National Geographic to local organizations have shift from print to media. Most of them have online applications that can be downloaded from every smartphone making it even easier for audiences to access it.

The Internet has introduced a new kind of media known as participatory media which means anyone can create news and content. Facebook, Twitter and WordPress are just some examples where people can do create content and news. Participatory media has challenged traditional media since anyone can play the role of a journalist but with any experience and lack of research, as a result, credibility is a major issue related with this new media.

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