Gatekeepers and Bias

One thing about Journalism that I constantly hear about is the gatekeeper. They are seemingly a dam in the river; whether or not the water is allowed to pass through or made to stay is completely controlled by the dam. And no matter which happens, the water is being controlled. Going back to gatekeepers in media, we see a similar thing. Information is led through the river of knowledge and statistics, and it is fed through the gatekeeper, this towering figure that will embody the bias of the article. That is why we can see so many different ways of broadcasting the news. There are, of course, the political differences. There are liberal and conservative leaning news conglomerates. But there are news organizations that work closer to the middle. There are companies worried about the human story, and so they look at any story from that angle. And there are many others.

I think one of the refreshing things about news journalism is this simple fact. This means that we, the new generation, are not going to do the news the same way our parents and grandparents. Of course, there are many more means to gain access to the news and the news cycle is much faster, but we also are growing aware that bias is something that cannot be erased. I was in my History and Historians class the other day, and I now think that bias really is a means to show the audience a way into your own mind, and into your frame of thinking. I may not agree with Bill O’Reilly,  Anderson Cooper or Bill Maher, but at least I can understand where each of them come from.

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