Participatory Media & Credibility

An issue that we discussed in class is the effect of participatory journalism in credibility. Social media has removed all the communication interaction barriers. People are able to write about anything, whether it is to cover a story, write a review about a product or even to share something that happened to them on the same day.

Due to today’s technology, one can present their perception and thoughts over a variety of topics giving people the opportunity to know multiple points of view on a certain matter. Some people believe this makes the information more credible, but others argue that these people might write about certain topics or say certain things to get more followers, or because they are being paid.

I believe that it is really hard to know what is true or not. Even big media names such as The New York Times have had scandals were news presented were not true. On one hand it is great having so many options to read, but on the other, it can be overwhelming to have so much information on our hands and not be able to distinguish what is genuine.

Bloggers, article writers, and content creators are able to present faster news to a greater amount of people, giving them the power to lead the way for big media companies. This is probably the reason why we constantly see in the news what people have posted on Twitter or the incentive to post and share information with a certain hashtag.

This also leads to another discussion we had in class about gatekeepers. It is hard to imagine a time were there are no people who manage what information goes out to the public. I believe this is impossible because media has to be funded someway. There will always be powerful people, like companies that pay for advertisement spots, or even producers or editors that will decide what can be published. Although this has changed in the last few years, adding programmers/coders as gatekeepers, since everything is a now digital, people with power will always be present.

I believe that credibility is something that is being lost in today’s journalism and media, and will be even more difficult to achieve in the future, as more mediums will appear, as well as more gatekeepers controlling the news.

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