Vaccinations and the Media

After to listening to the “On the anti-vax non-troversy” section of On the Media I began to think about how big of a role the media does play in hyping up an event or sickness in order to make society worry. This segment of the discussion called for me to realize that in most cases the people who are feeding us this information or not even qualified to speak or debate on such a topic. This can be seen while watching your favorite morning news talk shows. Companies and groups of people use celebrities and familiar faces to convince us that what we are hearing is true and credible. With the current event: outbreak of the measles, we are seeing the lingering effects of the beliefs that vaccinations can lead to autism. This was disproven, but disproven after this information was released to the public. There are a group of people who do not want their children vaccinated based on the outcome from these false studies even though no link has been found. It is a shame to see children catching measles because their parents choose for them to not be vaccinated and putting babies at risk because they are too young to be vaccinated. “On the anti-vax non-troversy” states that due to the vaccine measles and mumps were almost eliminated from society due to the success of the vaccine, but with the rise in non-vaccinating 102 cases in 14 states have been reported. Because the media is following this outbreak so closely and media consumers are forming a stance on vaccines, vaccines are becoming a stance in politics. Candidates for office are now taking a side on the issue and using it for votes.

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