Google replaced research skills?

It is interesting how technology has evolved throughout the years and as a result people research habits. Just some years ago, my mother used to tell me how she spent hours and hours in the library checking out books and other materials that could serve for writing research papers. Moreover the materials had to be secondary sources, meaning books, scholastic articles and documentaries, which made research a difficult and exhausting task. Even though research was tedious most of the time, students relied on the information 100% since it was written by professionals who knew about the subject and spent a lot of time researching and writing the content.
When I was in middle school, the Internet was just coming out of nowhere. Nobody knew exactly how it worked or what was its function. When my teachers used to send me reading or research assignments, I remember I had to use dictionaries or encyclopedias to do it. On my first or second year of high school I remember the internet was gaining strength and people already knew how it worked. Teachers at my high school encouraged us to use the Internet as a source to look for information so now we had access to a fast and efficient source.
Since the existence of Google and YouTube research has completely evolved and now with the instant access to both servers; life is getting easier and easier every day and books and other materials have lost popularity among people. Everything is on Google right now from learning how to tie shoelaces until resolving complicated math problems. I am not against the use of the Internet because is something necessary nowadays to efficiently do task in a better and faster way but the excessive use of the Internet will makes us completely dependent of it. People do not even know if the information on Internet comes from secure and reliable sources but because it is easy and fast to get it, people use it.
I can currently see this on my niece who is one and a half years old and already knows how to use the iPad and iPhone. This future generation will suffer the consequences of a life fully dependent on Internet doing the minimum effort to get things done.

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