We Are the Creation Generation

What has our human race become since the advent of the Internet and the Wikipedia generation? Are we the dumbest generation even with all this knowledge at our fingertips? Are we “millennials” doomed to be a disappointing generation? Those are some questions that I constantly hear from people from all walks of life and all ages. As an optimist, I must have a very good reason to believe that we can become an incredible generation who discovers incredible things and changes the world for the better. However, I don’t really know. Our generation, the “millennial” group of people are perceived as seemingly much more worried about pop culture than anything else. I hear that we are a Wikipedia generation, but I believe that we fit more into a Twitter Generation than anything else. I say this because we are believed to be more worried about other peoples’ lives than to gather actual knowledge.

That is where I think that we as a generation are clumped together just to say that we are all the problem. And that is what I refuse to believe. We aren’t the Wikipedia Generation or the Twitter Generation, we are the Creation Generation, a new Renaissance or creation and ideas that can help this world. We aren’t bound to only speak and network with people in our generation vicinity, but we can talk with anyone in the entire world. I am probably coming off as overly optimistic or even slightly delusional, but I see this Internet Renaissance everywhere from my Facebook news feed to every YouTube video. Sure there are those who troll and who are wastes of space on a discussion forum, but even they are a part of this amazing ecosystem that will help us move forward as a species.

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