Are All Hackers Bad?

When you think of the word “hacker,” what words come to mind? To me, bad news, information leaks, and Anonymous are the first things I think of. Are all hackers bad? We always hear about the hackers who expose information, which is taken in a negative light. What you don’t hear about, is how there are a type of hackers who actually manage to help improve security. I did some research and was highly surprised with the results I found.

A “hacker” is a person that uses a computer to access data that doesn’t belong to them, and to use it to their advantage. Society usually sees them as bad – people who steal others’ information and use it to their advantage.

It seems that society forgets that there are another type of hackers – which are legal! Some companies hire hackers to try and break into their systems to figure out how protected they really are. By doing this, the companies are able to improve their security to make sure other hackers don’t steal any information from their system. If hackers didn’t hack into websites in the first place, these websites would be significantly less secure, and the companies would be underdeveloped.

A few names you might not have known have been hackers in the past are: Mark Zuckerberg – creator of Facebook, Linus Torvalds – creator of Linux, and Tim Berners-Lee, who created the World Wide Web. The difference between them, and “bad” hackers are that these people have hacked in the past, which led to coding. We use the product theses hackers created almost every day, and no one sees them as “hackers.”

Are some hackers bad? Yes. AreĀ allĀ hackers bad? No! Be sure to think twice before categorizing all hackers into a negative category!

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