Hackers: Superhero or the Villain?

As we touched on in class having the title of a hacker is one that can be seen positively and one that can also be viewed as negative. I decided to look deeper into what society thinks of hackers and who they are. An article on PBS, “Are Hackers Outlaws of Watchdogs?” looks into society and how we view these people. Having the power to change things for good or bad is an aspect that can be applied to many different jobs in society. “If you’re a demolitions expert, you can blow up bridges for fun, or you can do it because you’re hired. The skill set is the same.” (PBS.org)

A quote from the same article really caught my eye on exactly how I feel we should deal with people who are hackers. “When the Israelis catch a hacker, they give him a job. When the Americans catch a hacker, they kick him in the teeth and throw him in jail. And that’s not good.” (PBS.org) If we take people who know the secrets and loop holes of the internet and give them jobs with security companies or the government we would be safer from those who hack to cause harm to others. Preventing events like the Sony hacking from happening and effecting the lives of innocent people.

The senior security analyst at Microsoft spoke on working with hackers. He says that they can freely email the company to tell them any problems and Microsoft will work with them on fixing it. They also give credit when it is due to those who spend their time to help find these problems and use these hacking powers for good.

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