My Digital Footprint

My digital footprint. It’s a strange concept right? Making a footprint, that’s traceable back to you all just by tapping keys. Your literally stamping the Internet with yourself, and you even get to brand the different posts. LinkedIn calls for professionalism. Facebook for trolling, bullying, and stalking. (Let’s be honest we all have Facebook stalked at some point or another, don’t try and by coy). Twitter for rants, news, and abuse. Then what’s left for Instagram, I mean we are at 10 horcruxes by now, but somehow we squeeze out our inner models and post only the hot stuff for the likes and comments, DM’s for private shows, and really when we come back to it all we did this. We posted the Insta, to get the 100+ likes and tweeted about an ex boo to get their attention, and then we trolled on a Facebook page just to get a rise out of someone.

Not to sound so cynical but that is how it is, and its something we find ourselves doing without even knowing. I looked aback at my digital footprint from the beginning of opening MYSpace, does anyone even remember that?! It was rough to say the least. I was young and awkward, and really really awkward. Like to the extreme awk times 1 million. It was painful going through all of those old pictures and don’t get me started with what I was posting about. Then Facebook came around, not sure how many of you are old enough for frienster, but there was that weirdness too, I won’t even touch on that.

Nonetheless, my digital footprint consists of humor, teenage angst, relationships, food, fashion, a thing called make a baby and 100 other personalities. What I never realized was how different ach personality was. Not even going to try and sugar coat it, I’m a “B” on Twitter, it think its because I see 140 characters as a challenge to incite anger, and rant with. The sharpest words cute deep, and twitter is my practice. I think that’s also why I keep it super private.

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