Digital self from entertainment to necessary

It is interesting to think that some years ago, letters were our main source of communication. It lasted at least one month, depending on the location, to communicate with someone in another part of the world. Since the introduction of the Internet people had the opportunity to communicate with pretty much any person around the world and moreover express themselves through a wide range of spaces. Nowadays the range goes from purely text-based networking sites to multi online gamers sites; there are sites for every person depending on what they like or are interested in.

My digital self has changed throughout the days according to the evolution of mass media. At the beginning I remember people used to communicate with friends and family through chat and chat rooms. It was immediately accepted by society since it was  a fast way to interchange ideas; I remember how in my high school every child had a Messenger account and the one who did not was seen as a looser. I remember my classmates used to log in into their accounts as soon as they arrived home to talk with other friends regardless they had seen their friends a few hours ago. To have a Messenger account was more a trendy rather than a necessary tool; everything was about entertainment. A year later the use of the email had a such positive impact, not only in the personal field but in the commercial area too, that even my homework was submitted through it.

One or two years later, the introduction of social networks had a huge impact on teenagers. Social platforms such as Hi5 (Latin America) and MySpace (United States) established a new form of communication in which people could express themselves through pictures and comments. It is funny to think that most of teenagers used these platforms to post pictures of what was “relevant” or important  in their lives like parties, birthdays and even selfies-that were not that famous back in the day. People posted  silly but funny status of what they did all day long regardless if people did or didn’t care. Your profile picture was the most important weapon in order to have more “views”, at least in my social circle the one who had more views was the most  cool, funny, famous and important.

Nowadays Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (new version), LinkedIn and Twitter are necessary social network sites. It was true that at the beginning they were use for entertainment but now they are used for more than just to post pictures or comment something. In my case, I use to communicate with other friends around the world or with my family back in Ecuador. Moreover I can like different pages that range from food, media, comedy, art and politics that keep me updated with what is going on in the world. The digital self has evolved and has helped us to improve the way we used to accomplish different tasks.

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