Trolls under the bridge

We live in a new generation where the act of fooling others into a false state of mind is as easy as turning your computer on. What was once only possible through the eyes of face-to-face communication has shifted to screens being in between these conversations. These screens protect the identity of the user giving confidence to those people in what they say, even if at times it could cross the line sometimes. We live in a time where trolls are real but not the kind that live under bridges (although with the way they act they might) but a more modern version thatĀ gets into the heads of other users of the internet just to see them scramble. Trolling has become a big phenomenon that only seems to be getting bigger as technology advances. The more technological the web becomes, the more complicated trolling gets. It all started with comments either on a chat group or blog but now has advanced into something new. Memes are a good example of a lower level of trolling which has become very popular some what recently. Rather then memes lashing out on people they play more as reminders of the kinds trolling we face these days. But memes also post other kinds of relevant media that happens these days thus making them a lesser version in comparison to trolling. If we let the people who try to trip us up get into our heads, then I can see trolling as a future problem for generations to come with it only getting worse from here.

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