Why We Need Trolls

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all engaged in trolling at one time or another. It’s incredibly easy, poses little to no risks, and at times can be immensely satisfying. I mean there’s just a certain level of gratification that comes when you realize that a person took time out of there day to write out a five page long profanity laced manifesto of a comment in response to the phrase “Breaking Bad is overrated.” Trolls live for garnering negative reactions by attacking the very things that people hold dear, however in some cases the things we hold dear can be horribly misprioritized.

We live in an entertainment based culture dominated by fandoms that often take the properties they follow more seriously than the actual issues that make up their daily lives and in such a culture it is necessary to have that segment of people around to point out the inherent silliness that comes with such devotion.

Now before I continue I do want to make it clear that trolls are by no means the moral crusaders of the internet. When a a group of trolls visits an NFL team’s facebook page and begin posting comments about how crappy they think said team is they aren’t trying to make some deep social commentary about the glorification of athletes, all they’re trying to do is get an inevidable rise out of a dedicated fan base,

Trolls do not inherently seek to bring about social betterment. Such betterment comes when individuals take a chance to examine the way they respond to trollish behavior and ask themselves whether they truly should be getting worked up over an insult from one of the millions of nameless, faceless, instigators that prowl the world wide web.

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