Media as a Tool for Change

Thanks to the increase in technology over the years we have seen a great amount of people using this media to make a difference in the world we live in today. People are now able to get their voices out to the public much more easily then before allowing for events that once gone quiet to be spread throughout the different countries. We have seen the power of technology and social medias and what they have done to bring awareness of those who’s rights are limited and can’t spread their ideas on their own due to this. But even though a lot is getting down just by sharing, that’s really only good enough to get a good start in ones cause rather then end anything. Social media helps share information between people from far distances which is an amazing feat on it’s own. This is something that gets used by billions of people over the world everyday so if anything were to happen, it can get mentioned on the internet, which will lead to awareness. You can see this being useful in places where freedom of speech is either limited or ignored in a country and they need help and support from other places. By someone posting a short video about their situation can bring in a lot of people to join in on their side. In 2012, a video was posted that is refereed to as the the “punk-prayer” which had people who are apart of the “pussy riots” asking the Virgin to become a feminist and get rid of Putin at the Mascow’s Cathedral. This video was posted to YouTube and received over 600,000 views on the same day it was posted. As you can see the video was very successful in spreading the word on their situation and the stunt they performed in the video might have impacted people who were actually there themselves having a bigger impact on them for change. This is where we start to see a change in the effectiveness this video had on the public. The word is out and the people out there know that something wrong is going on but for most people they kind of stop at acknowledgment and do nothing further. Out of all the people who saw that video on the fir

st day (all 600,000 of them) how many of them actually went and started supporting and joining in with the group. A lot of people hold on to this information rather then act on it which shows the real effectiveness of these performances. This doesn’t apply to everyone but a good majority of those who have seen the video which is probably a lot more then the views they got on the first day now. Our technology can only get us so far to where we need to go to achieve what we need and it’s up to us to do the rest in person. A statement to me is much stronger in person then online.

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