Hands up don’t shoot!

Social movements have been benefited by the advantages of social media and other technological tools to attract people’s attention and acceptance about contemporary issues. Around 6 months ago I saw in the news, read in newspapers and social media about the shooting of Michael Brown by a white policeman. This issue attracted national as well as international attention since it was categorized as a suspected act of racism. According to Wilson’s testimony, Michael and his friend were accused of robbing cigarettes in a market and thanks to the physical description given by the owner of the market Wilson caught them while he was driving. As soon as Wilson pulled out his gun, Michael and his friend fled making Wilson to catch them again, as a result, Wilson fired 12 bullets that ended with the life of Michael Brown.

According to witnesses Michael Brown raised his hands trying to cooperate with the policeman but unfortunately Wilson shot and killed him. This was a huge issue on the media, since it seemed like a racist act between African-American. Social movements began to cover the news on different social platforms such as Tweeter, Instagram, Facebook  and WordPress, making people realize that this was a crime against Black people’s rights. Quotes such as “hands up, don’t shoot” became the headline of many statuses, blog posts and tweets and moreover the hashtag #blacklivesmatter became a trendy post on social media.

Many celebrities such as Pharell Williams claimed for justice since the grand jury did not indict the police officer. People got infuriated by the grand jury’s decision that black rights movements and other organizations brought together many people in different cities such as, Manhattan and Newark, to protest. Facebook groups and events were created by social movements to make people go to the streets and helped to diffuse the regulation en the enforcement law and black people’s rights. I unconsciously participated in the one in Manhattan since i was with some friends walking down the streets and suddenly a lot of people from different backgrounds were holding signs that say “Hands up, don’t shoot!” originated in Michael’s death by a white police officer, defending equal rights for everybody. This is a perfect example to show how mediated mobilization works in which a social movement brings a lot of people together to protest or fight for a cause, this case: black people rights.

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