Pillow Fights For Our Rights

A newer and up and coming type of protest and media mobilization are what pop culture has coined as “Flash Mobs”. Now, popular culture has given the public the idea that flash mobs are choreographed dances that happen spontaneously in public, which, yes, is certainly true. However, the concept of a Flash Mob has certainly grown and developed into something much more than a Running Man or a Charleston.

Flash Mobs in recent years have been used for political protests and in some cases has changed the course of history permanently. I did some research to get more info on how Flash Mobs have made a political difference, but one I distinctly remember hearing about a while back about a Flash Mob pillow fight in New York City, my hometown. People were having a pillow fight on Wall Street as a way of protesting corruption in a fun, chaotic way.

More serious Flash Mobs have occurred overseas, when then¬†President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt was forced to resign from Presidency. At first, he was very stubborn about this and would not back down. I remember being in high school and following the news stories when I went home. What I didn’t realize were that the people, which were a MASSIVE amount of people, used the Flash Mob tactic to get their point across. At first, people started small in alleyways but then moved onto the streets and the “strength in numbers” concept really came through.

But this is just one example of the many Flash Mobs that have made major political impacts on the world, and I do believe that this will be a tactic that will be constantly used. Using social media to start a movement, inviting a bunch of people to gather together and bring an “organized chaos” element to make a difference can really do just that.

Flash Mob Pillow Fight on Wall Street in 2009

For more information on Flash Mobs and Politics, check out http://beautifultrouble.org/tactic/flash-mob/

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