Just keeping pedaling (episode 2 of Black Mirror)

Horrifying. After watching the second episode of Black Mirror I feel sick to my stomach. It is terrifying to think that this could actually be what we become. Basically living our lives through screens and exercise only serves as a form of money. One thing that struck me as interesting was the buying of gifts online for another person. Facebook tried to do this in past years. You could spend your own money to send someone a silly picture of GIF of an animal or object. Instead of giving someone these gifts to him or her in real time and space they offered you a chance to send fake objects to another person. It would sit on their page as a decorative charm and way for people to know someone was thinking about you, but you did not physically own it.

I believe we are also heading down a slippery slop to a lifestyle like the one depi36490301-man-floating-on-the-water-in-the-laptop-use-the-social-networkcted in the episode because of how dependent we are on our technology. It becomes who we are. Soon it may control every aspect of our life. From getting up to brushing your teeth and even telling you what games to play and what you are allowed to watch. The main character was not even able to close his eyes during a commercial or an irritating alarm would sound. The humans were operating in autopilot with little to no interaction with the people around them, unless it was to yell at the overweight janitorial staff. I will definitely continue to watch this series.

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  1. I completely agree with you about how dependent we are on technology! I just brought up to my mom a few days ago how interesting it is to see how when I was in middle school cell phones started to become popular (Nextels, haha!), and now how reliant we are on our technology to communicate! I remember having to wait outside for my dad to pick me up in middle school compared to when I had a smart phone in high school and could call him when I was ready!

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