The Circle logo Interpretation

After our discussion in class, it provoked my curiosity as to what a circle symbolizes. To be honest, before starting The Circle, I had not thought of any symbolism of a circle other than the saying taught in Girl Scouts: “A circle is round, it has no end.”

Looking at a bunch of different websites, I’ve come across a lot of ideas that a circle can symbolize:

  • A circle is an inclosure, that keeps information trapped inside itself and there is no way to let the information out.
  • A circle is a continuous loop, that has no ending. Once it begins, you will create a cycle that will continue forever.
  • A circle is a symbol of unity and completion.

As I look at the cover of the The Circle, a few things come to mind.

There is a small C in the middle of the circle. The small C could represent the control center of everything inside the circle. there are a bunch of what looks like chain links within the circle as well. The chain links might represent the people who work for The Circle company. The workers all must connect in some way with each other. I figure that the control center oversees everything that the workers do. I noticed that none of the links are attached to the small C, which means that there can be a strong strength/power difference between the command in the middle and the normal workers. None of the links are outside the circle, which can potentially mean they are entrapped in this force holding them inside with no way out. Overall, based on the short descriptive quotes given on the page with the logo, I believe one of my predictions may be correct.

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