Arianna Huffington & Her Black Mirror

Let me start by saying that Black Mirror is a great show and everyone who is alive and a human being should watch it. Sorry pigs. It is a brilliant series and the fact that every episode is its own story is remarkable. I have only seen the first season and it has already blown me away.

The first episode truly shows the power that we possess due to technological advances to overpower governments and make media tabloids go crazy. A guy in an old house got the Prime Minister to fornicate with a swine and then took his own life. Some people can’t handle all the power that media has and just seek for attention in any way that they can. This draws an analogy between the people who go on school shootings and then end up killing themselves all for attention.

The second episode starts off completely different. Everyone has the same routine and everyone watches the same TV shows and it cost you to stop receiving this endless stream of media. Fortunately, it cost you nothing to turn off your computer and go out for a walk in nature, but we are constantly bombarded with information, advertisements, and media. Take a second to look around, and you will see brands everywhere. That may seem irrelevant but it does affect your subconscious. The content that they were fed with was poison. There was nothing valuable or educational about it. It was straight up porn, violence, and the same popular music. The characters reflect different type of people in the world. There are those who question everything, and there are those who are just too consumed to care. When the main character has the outbreak and he ends up wanting to kill himself inNanette Lepore - Front Row - Fall 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week front of television, you really think that he is going to create a change. But, there are marketing geniuses out there that can make anything trend and unfortunately media nowadays has glorified suicide attempts, which is very sad.

Finally in the third episode, there is something about human beings and memory that seems to be amusing. This episode reflects participatory media where the people and their recorded memories are the main content shared. There is something interesting about human beings, and it’s that we love to talk about ourselves. Another thing about human beings is that we have to know it all, and the lesson of this episode is that something are better left unknown.

As we mentioned in class that Black Mirror refers to the smartphone screen when it is locked, Arianna Huffington mentioned in her talk the sick connection we humans have with our devices. Besides sharing her avid interest in sleeping habits, she said we have to disconnect in order to connect with our inner selves and minds. She mentioned that we are in an age where we are drowning in data, but there is a wisdom shortage. “We take better care of our smartphones than we do ourselves.” She mentioned that we should engage more time in meditating and making sure we have enough sleep.

Black Mirror and Arianna Huffington both criticize that our behavior has changed because we are too consumed in these technological advances to the point where we let it take over us. I feel more and more series, influential figures in society, and mediums, ironically, are sending consumers a clear message that privacy is being breached, that media is getting the best of us, and that we are not doing anything about the matter.

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