Black Mirror, Black Future

We are digitally paving ways to live in a dystopia of some kind and living life in front of a screen. Black Mirror was SO entertaining, but extremely terrifying. I watched two episodes, both from season 2 cause I like to watch this out of order and let me tell YOU SIR, MADAM, or OTHER– I was left speechless. The first one I saw was seriously twisted. A woman has lost her memory and she’s living in the world from hell with people hunting her and others just taking videos of her and not helping the situation. Turns out she is a murderer and an attraction to a park, where they make a show everyday about her life but shock the memory out of her. All they did was watch her like an animal (which there was so much symbolism all over the place but that’s deviating from the point). All I could think about was Worldstar, a site notorious and synonymous for showing scream matches, arguments, or just crazy antics. It’s one thing to look at the video and see what’s going on but do you ever wonder what its like to see people recording? I found out by watching this episode, oh dear God we look stupid and the infection is getting worse. Which brings me to the next episode about Waldo. Waldo was a cartoon with a man behind the screen and the people love him. Waldo is blue, crude, and to finish the rhyme because I’m corny and I can, rude. But people dug Waldo for his sense of humor, not on what he stood for cause honestly, he stood for nothing. When the comedian inside finally broke and tried revealing himself to the people, it was too late. Nobody cared and the voice of Waldo was replaced. At the end of that episode, it  looks like the government allowed people to be and act wild.

Life in front of a black mirror will forever be something I never want to happened

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