Black Mirror Response

After watching an episode from Black Mirror called “Be Right Back” you start to question how people handle technology thats being made today and the kind of effect they have not just on a physical level but emotional one as well. The whole episode was this one women’s attempt to bring back something that was taken by replacing it with something else but coming to the realization that knock offs are nothing like the original no matter how much they look similar. I don’t want to give too much away for those who haven’t seen it but just looking at the topic at hand which is this idea of how far one persons willing to go to get something back but once you do get it, will it be the same or just something to replace the real version that could never really come back. In a way, as humans, we kind of do this ourselves when it comes to things we need to move on from. We would usually find something to either distract us from what was lost or taken or even to fully move on. For example, when someone gets heart broken, some people like to fill the void with food instead of love (as cheesy that may sound). The feeling of being full with food is replaced with the feeling of being loved by another person hoping that it will be enough to fill the void. The only problem with this comparison is that food isn’t something that could physically replace another human being but for the one with the broken heart it doesn’t matter, which this episode also shows that people are willing to do anything to reclaim what was once lost or to replace what is gone no matter how wrong it may seem.

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