Recording all humans do, see and hear

I just finished watching Black Mirror, Episode 3 and I am pretty scared about our future. The description of the episode itself, makes it clear that human beings will not have to worry anymore about remembering sad, happy or worth moments in our lives rather a memory implant will do it for us. One thing that struck me the most was how scary it is to rewind your OWN life and get as many details as you want as it is happening all over again. Human beings are depicted as if they are controlled by the screens and all the technology that surrounds them. It is freaking scared how people can look at their lives 24/7 just clicking a mini control and going back to any date and hour they want.

After watching this episode I would say that technology will make us live in this unrealistic world where we will not have to worry about or pay close attention to anything. As shown in this episode we do not even have to memorize names since we can go back to when we met someone and play it again. One of the many negative effects that a memory implant could bring is the self-analysis of our lives. It is sad and scary how one can analyze all the things that will happen on a daily basis; this idea of thinking what did i did right or wrong today and how i could change this or that is something that could kill us emotionally.

It was disturbing to see how the main character was able to see all his life through his eyes and how all his past was one click away from him. In my opinion, this could happen in a near future since the government already has implemented methods to spy on us every day, 24/7. As shown in the video this implants will help authorities to have an easier way to check and control us.spy

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