The National Anthem (Black Mirror)

After watching the first episode of Black Mirror I was astound on how far the kidnapper goes in order to show a point. First of all, it shows that social media gets information faster. It is interesting how the kidnapper preferred to post the video on YouTube, since it is easier and faster to get a wide audience. With this method, the kidnapper is able to spread the word rapidly, and get his point across. In just minutes, the video has million of views, is trending on Twitter, has Facebook reactions, and is literally everywhere. The TV news stations can’t present the news until the Prime Minister gives the order, being late to a worldwide story. This shows how traditional media is controlled, and how at this point in time, is not as necessary, since people will get the information anyways. Also social media plays a crucial role when they had an actor do the scene, but then the kidnapper found out about it because someone posted a picture on Twitter. This shows how social media has more power than the monarchy, and that it is hard to have privacy nowadays.

It was amazing to see how the popularity of the prime minister depended on this act. At first, the survey said he should not do it, but after watching a video of the princess having her finger cut off, people immediately said he had to. The life of the princess and his career depended on it. The final part of the episode shows a great message. People were cheering for him to do it, everyone was watching it live, and even forgot about the princess. It shows how our society tends to get distracted on what is not important. It makes the statement that people follow what is popular, and prefer watching a man being humiliated, than a princess being rescued. Sadly, all I could think of when watching this episode, was why do we pay attention to the Kardashians.

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