David Grover’s Story

While listening to the On The Media about David Grover I found it to be very interesting. We have discussed movements such as the ice bucket challenge where many different people decide to raise awareness, donate, or even both. Many people decided to held David Grover and he lived despite the many different sets of odds that were placed against him. He even received his surgery on his brain tumor for free because of all the attention this boy was receiving. Today, 10 years later, after being on shows such as Ellen and the Today Show the media coverage has died down even though David still has many issues that they need help raising money for. “The World Moves on and it hardly ever looks back,” was said by the woman at the end of the podcast. The media wants the happy story and wants people to be witnesses to miracles that can happen, but does not want to cover the aftermath and the struggles the family may have after. The media picks their story covers it until the climax and then walks away even if there is more that will happen. They want the juiciest part of the story, the heart wrenching story, that will bring attention to their channel. I also found it amazing that they needed to escape the media. People became too invested in Grover’s lives that they were giving them medical advice and telling them to even let their son die. They eventually unlisted themselves from everywhere. I’m sure most of these comments were posted on David Grover’s page or through email out of care and wanting to help, but exposing yourself on the internet always means that the trolls are sitting behind their computers too.

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