No-Hide Zone

After September 11th the Bush administration was put under a lot of pressure to act.  This reaction was perfectly natural and expected.  Homeland Security was put into place almost immediately.  Their objective is to prevent, protect and respond.  The NSA also took great initiative after 9/11.  According to their website their mission is to ultimately gather info from America’s enemies and protect our vital info from others.  For a long time people were under the impression that the NSA dealt only with people foreign to the United States but this is not true.  The truth is that the NSA has access to all of OUR emails, texts, phone conversations, pretty much any type of digital identity we possess.

The American population has had an array of reactions to the leaking of this information.  I’d like to focus on one in particular and that is the, “I don’t have anything to hide,” attitude.  If you are someone who holds this view them please ask yourself if you would be okay with a complete stranger or even someone you know going through your text messages, pictures and emails.  Would you be willing to give up your phone for just 15 minutes to let someone into your most personal life? My guess is no.  I think that this acceptance of loss of privacy is a result of a misconception of what privacy really is and how vital it is to our beings. Privacy is freedom from damaging publicity, public scrutiny, secret surveillance,or unauthorized disclosure of one’s personal data or information, as by a government, corporation, or individual.  At least according to dictionary.com.  Privacy is a key component to the development of our sense of self.  If we continue on this path of transparency than we are essentially giving ourselves up to whomever for the taking.  People should be afraid of this.

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