What Patience I Still Have

As the years go by technology seems to be improving it’s self as time flows forward, but while the advancement of technology  happens, we see a decline in something else that I feel not too many pay attention to which is patience. I have chosen to do my semester project on the effects of the internet on one’s patient levels because as the years go by, we have seen a decline of this in people these days. What was once 12 minuets for the average attention span now withered down to 5 mins thanks to the excesive use of the internet. Its so bad that website NEED to put little videos on their websites to grab the attention of viewers to stay on the page. trick lick this is required now just for someone to stay on a page. You could blame it on the amount of info on the internet as well due to it’s over whelming numbers on information can make it hard for someone to find the right web page to view thus these trick like little videos and other methods are used to grab our attention that we seem to be lacking in.

So how is the internet affecting our abilities to stay patient? Their could be many different causes to this dilemma that seems to be getting worse as the days go by but I find that the speed we can access all this information is the main reason. If their is one complaint i hear often is how slow one’s internet is moving at which is silly if you think about it. before all this was a thing people had to require about info from either reading it or hearing it from a friend. through this method people would find things out at a slower rate in comparison on how people can do it now. We have technology to thank for making that process easier because the speed that things our sent through the web is much faster then any thing else that man has created. We can see this in a lot of things that we do today differently then back then. Before emails were hand written and sent through mailboxes to a persons house which depending on the distance of the friend might take longer (like days more) but thanks to the advancement of technology that process got faster. What was once sent by horse and took for ever now can be broken down into code and sent through the air to your friend in an instant.

The problem comes in when you compare the waiting time of the old way with the new way. Their is a difference between the speed it take to deliver a message between the two methods that shows that are standard of slow has changed. What is slow to use would be considered super fast for someone in the past before all these technological advancements. Our standard for speed has changed thanks to the improvement of the internet. For someone to complain about the speed of a webpage to load would be the equivalent of someone have to wait for a package to arrive which the comparison is the difference of days to minuets. Who knows what the future holds for society and their patient levels but if things are to continue the way they are now, we could see 5 minuets of pain waiting turn into like 2 and a half or even less at this rate.

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