LuvLuv the scariest dating site ever!

Society has changed the form of dating during the last two decades and nowadays it is commonline datingon to meet/ date someone through different social platforms such as cupid.com, tinder, or even Facebook or Twitter. This new form of dating is kind of unreal for me since you do not get to know that person face to face, rather you meet him/her through a screen and a couple of texts. Then is when they arrange a kind of date to know more about each other and if it works then something serious happens or it dies. In my opinion, all this social media dating makes us have love for granted since you do not really need to do something in order to approach that other person.

These social media platforms ask people to write their interests and also the things that they dislike. Other things like favorite  music, food, places, books and movies are optional to let people know more about you. Consequently the people who visit your profile have access to the information you choose to share but what happens if we cannot have control over the things other people can know about ourselves? LuvLuv is this app created by Gus, an employee at the Circle, whose main objective is people can date someone else but knowing completely everything about the other person.

How creepy is it that the person you are dating knows everything including your allergies? Wouldn’t it be awkward? Not even everything about you but inclusively information about your family such as “Mother has nuts allergy”. The circle has created this world where the word privacy does not exist anymore since absolutely everything is saved in the internet. Even the things you do not want to share, people would have access to see them. In my opinion, we are close to reach this scenario where all our information can be accessible not just by the government but everyone else.Nowadays we can see in sites like Amazon that it already chooses products you might like or buy or in Facebook would appear advertisements about apps and events you might like or attend. It is scary how social platforms know more about your self than your friends or family.

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