Unpacking my NOW THATS MUSIC!

After completing both readings I can not help to revert back to the day I got my first computer. I was in middle school and took all of the CD’s I listened to and loaded them into my computer. I had the collection every middle school girl had: Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Back Street Boyz, Dream Street, NSYNC and every NOW cd that had been released up to that point. Once they were all on my computer the craze of sharing music began. Friends went to CVS and bought 100 packs of blank CDs and took everyones music from one another. Not long after LimeWire blew up the internet music scene. I was downloading songs I didn’t even want or need just because I could. It is interesting after reading Dibbell’s piece because he unpacked his records, I unpacked my CD’s and now records are coming back into style. You can go into any Urban Outfitters and find shelves and shelves of the latest music and even some older music in record form. They are even selling all different types of record players varying in size in color. Will CD’s come back? What is there left to unpack?¬†Pictures. My mother is the perfect example. She¬†has showed me her entire college years captured through the lens of an instant picture polaroid camera, to my child hood captured on camera’s that used film and sent to CVS to be printed, to my adult life which has been captured through her iPhone. These pictures are rarely printed out, only the ones that will make into a frame and onto the mantel. Many people are even paying big money to send their home movie VHS tapes away to be digitalized and placed on a CD that they can load onto their computer. After pictures…what is left to digitalize? I guess only time will tell.

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