Unpacking…when I was 13

UnpackiBOOK READING LITERATURE COMPUTER PORTABLEng my Library and Unpacking my record collection made me remember when I was 13. I clearly remember when one day I saw a pile of CD’s on my desk and I thought that it was time to import all the music to my laptop since I was not using my Walkman anymore. I went through at least 30 CD’s that obviously brought back a lot of memories, for example the CD that my mom used to put for my birthday parties or every single night before going to bed. Honestly, I used to have the same sense of ownership for CD’s as well for books as Benjamin had with his book collection.

Now, this article transports me to my freshman year at Manhattanville College when at the beginning of the year i went to the bookstore. Back then, I remember when I first so that label on the wall that said: the book has a digital version which you can request at the front desk. It was the first time I heard about a “digital version” of a book which was incredibly weird for me since throughout school I used the paper version. I remembered I thought how someone could “scan” every single page of a book, imagining that on average a book has 100 pages and there are thousands of thousands of books around the world.

It is incredible how there is not anymore that sense of ownership with books or with pretty much anything that can be converted into a digital version. Maybe it is because I grew up in the old way, holding a book and read page by page, listening music from a Walkman, or looking at family printed photos on the wall that I cannot stand digital versions.I don’t know you but I really like the fact I can highlight quotes, write notes on the side of the pages,or hear the sound when I pass page by page. It is not that I am against technology but sometimes the old way its better.

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