Urban Legends and the Internet-Research paper

For my research paper I am exploring the idea of horror stories on the internet, more popularly known as creepy pasta. This term comes originated on the website 4chan and the word copypasta. This term refers to a piece of text or photo that is spread rapidly through the internet. After conducting some research I found that there are so many internet ‘bogey mans’ out there. There are seven main characters/stories that have spread widely through out the internet. Slender man/Marble Hornets Project, Ted the Caver, The Dionaea House, Then who was phone, smile.jpeg, Candle Cove, and Black Eyed Kids. Through research I will find out the origin of these characters, there stories, and how they are documented. Slender man being the most popular and ‘successful’ out of the bunch is the only one who is copyrighted and turned into a video game. Dealing with the idea of copyright I will look at George Lucas and his relationship with Star Wars fan fiction. Slender man has also been the only online character to cause deaths and children to act out in a crazy manner. Young children are not aware that these images have been manipulated and the question becomes who should be accountable when something terrible happens to a child or family because of Slenderman. People are participating in legend tripping to test how real these stories are and to try and see if anything happens to them. They travel to locations where sitings of horrifying creatures have been reported and wait for them to appear or something to happen to themselves. I will also be discussing movies such as the Blair With Project and Kentucky Vampire Cult where getting people involved and believing a horror story really began.

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