iGen Research Paper Post

So far the paper is going pretty okay. My topic is about the iGeneration and how life with technology has strengthen and crippled this generation in different ways. It is safe to say that this generation has been saturated with technology for almost anything in all directions. Seriously, the “there’s an app for that” slogan couldn’t be more true and honest. Because of this technological renaissance there is an issue with the education our young iGeneration is receiving. Schools budgeting and knowledge wise cannot keep up with all the latest and greatest technology tools for education because “the next best thing” keeps coming out. There are many teachers that prefer the traditional way of teaching and in this day and age it has become a dying art (kind of like cursive). I have personally had both experiences with having a class with no technology whatsoever and then a class full of it. Integrating traditional teaching methods with today’s new technology I believe is the best way to go, it is just not that easy. But that is just a part of my paper, which kind of wrote itself in a sense. Another thing I want to touch base on is FoMo (fear of missing out). With this irrational fear, social media sites aggravate and alleviate this pain, depending on one’s perspective. I may also throw in a few Alternative and ACtivist Media genres into the mix, just to take immediate elements I have learned in class and incorporate them into my paper. I best get to writing!

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