Research Paper: Trusting the News using Social Media

In class, I was able to discuss my idea for my research paper. I am discussing when the news uses social media as a credible news source – is it really reliable? I also wanted to touch on the point that the younger generation views most news as trustworthy and doesn’t question the credibility of the source it came from.

The class gave incredibly helpful feedback, and I feel confident that I will have an informative research paper. I will use the analogy of “The Dress” – Kim Kardashian and other celebrities saw a dress as White and Gold when it was actually Black and Blue. Do we trust the news that covered the celebrities that saw White and Gold? I also will touch upon how the news is covered by eyewitnesses and not the news directly and how the news trusts those eyewitnesses even though their perspectives might not be 100% true, specifically looking into Ferguson.

One of my favorite feedback suggestions is that I should use the Jimmy Kimmel prank that happened not that long ago. There was a video that went viral on social media platforms which was a girl twerking on a door, she was pushed over onto a table with lit candles and caught on fire. The video ended immediately, and it was spread by the news like wildfire. Turns out later that Jimmy Kimmel shows the end of the video that it was all a prank to see how far a video would become viral thanks to social media and the news. One video proved the point that the younger generation will believe anything that the news posts, whether it is actually true or not.

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