Unpacking my…childhood

During this past winter break, my brother and I found some boxes in out attic. They were in great condition and they were filled to the brim with pieces of construction and lined paper. After we took them out of the attic, we started to rummage through them in our living room. We found some incredible things, old pictures, homework assignments, doodles, and other things that were as old as when I was in Kindergarden in 1998.

I was amazed to be able to find this long gone past self. A young boy who had dreams to be an astronaut, then a dinosaur scientist, then a Power Ranger, and then to be the Center Fielder for the New York Yankees. Those dreams are drawn on those pieces of paper. Those dreams are written down as homework assignments.

Now this was a more direct example of unpacking, but it is nonetheless powerful to me. There was no auto correct as many of my words were spelled wrong. There was no photoshop because my drawings looked pretty bad, or let’s say “abstract”. But there were still no boundaries except found in my imagination. I had drawings of Derek Jeter, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Power Rangers fighting Pokemon that I had also created (that was one other thing, I had that extreme obsession with Pokemon too). These drawings weren’t good, they were terrible in fact, but those drawings are things I cherish now, and I think that while the computer and the Internet can do so many things, it cannot replicate that.

And I don’t want that to ever happen.

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