Facebook helped us to feel closer to each other

manosParentech is the blog created by Chi and I in which people can find different opinions and points of view about adult people using social media. The goal was to ask young students and children about adult people using social media and adult people about their social media use. I asked some of my friends and relatives to answer some questions about how do they feel knowing their parents use Facebook or any other social media site and what were their reactions when they receive their friend requests. At the beginning I thought I was going to receive many negative blog posts towards adult people using social media but I was wrong.

I received many positive blog posts and one neutral one. Most of the blog posts support the idea of adult people using social media and others support the idea that Facebook reduces boundaries and distances. One interesting fact about this project is that I asked my mom to answer why she decided to use Facebook and other questions about her social media use and I got sentimental since she really opened her heart. Another interesting post is the one from my friend who describes her grandmother using social media. Through these blog posts, I got to understand that technology is available for anyone who wants to get better and be technology literate.

At the beginning of this project I assumed a lot of my friends were going to have such negative attitudes towards their parents using social media but it was the other way around. This project has left me a lot of teachings about my first reaction when I received “that” friend request. I am thankful that my mom got a Facebook account since in that way both can feel closer to each other. Moreover I thank myself for having reconsidered to accept her friend request.

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