Is Google Making us Stupid?

I decided to choose this topic for my semester project because I have been interested in the topic ever since it was mentioned in class. At first I believed that google could possibly be making our generation stupid and  even making us lazy because the information is so accessible. My opinion has truly changed after taping this project. It seems that even though we have easier access to information now then ever students are still expected to memorize and use the information that they find. Even if they are only memorizing the information for a short amount of time to take a test or write a paper our parents still did the same. There is an equal amount of information that neither generation knows to the amount of information they both know. I found this project to be extremely fun and worthwhile. It put my beliefs to the test and allowed me and the people I choose to work with to have some fun. I decided to use friends and family for my project and choose not to include myself in the game show because while doing the research to find questions…I found out that I am, for sure, NOT smarter than a 5th grader. My friends mother, Patti, had trouble excepting that she did not know many answers to the questions that I asked. She explained to me that some of the information seemed far removed from what she thinks about today, but found it interesting to see what she remembered. Hope you all enjoy!

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