First Time Social Media

For my final project, I have decided to experience for myself what it’s like for someone to start a new social media. Though this is not my first time using a social platform, there are some that I have never tried yet. My plan was make a new account on a social media I haven’t used yet (in this case Instagram) and keep track on my experience using it for the first time. What I have come to realize from this project is some positives and negatives to having an account on social media. On the plus side, thanks to my new account on Instagram, I have been able to stay connected with friends I followed and those who followed back. It might seem weird to state the purpose as a benefit because it’s so obvious but lately social media has been shifting its focus from staying connected to one another to who has the biggest number, which I was wrong in a way. Numbers still play a big role when it comes to any social media but I thought the ability for people to stay connected was lost when it came to importance of those who use it. Also I was able to discover the actual fun to take photos of things, filter them a little, and then post to see friend respond. Theirs that sense of accomplishment when you see the number of likes go up just like seeing the number of followers go up or anything number related for that matter. This leads into my issues with using social media, at the end of the day, it’s all about the number getting as high as possible. People will post anything to get likes and followers and I don’t like that as a main focus. It’s about expression of creative thoughts and ideas that can be shared over the web, the fastest way to send anything these days. On top of all that, Social media can take up our whole focus making us distracted of what’s in front of us to worry about checking your phone again. I started to realize I have fallen into this pattern of checking my phone way too often just to see if I got a new like of a photo I posted. It consumes our lives away from the real world thus making use loose focus of what really important in life. Though with the shift of technology these day, it just gets harder and harder to get away from all this. So do the positives out way the negative or is this something people should avoid? If who ever decide to get involved does so, they shouldn’t be afraid to do so but at the same time be aware that it can consume up your life so don’t let it.

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