Why I Believe The Mainstream Media Is Undermining Bernie Sanders

Throughout the past couple months, I have been religiously following the media coverage surrounding the presidential candidates on both sides of the political spectrum. As time has gone by, I have noticed something about the coverage of one candidate that has now surfaced on an On The Media podcast. When I listened to the podcast about Bernie Sanders being undermined in the media, I immediately knew that I was no longer the only conspiracist to believe that the most popular presidential candidate for the Democratic Party was being ignored.

The first evidence that lead me to believe that Bernie Sanders was being undermined was the fact that the Democratic debates were being held at suspiciously irrelevant times. Everyone knows that Hilary Clinton is the golden girl for the Democrats, as she is considered by most to be an establishment candidate. Her presidential campaign for 2016 has been in the works for years since she failed to capture the Democratic nomination against incumbent President Obama. The last two debates were held respectively on a Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 and 9:00 pm EST. What better way to suppress the most popular candidate than to keep him out of prime-time. Most of the Republican debates have been held during prime-time for the entire country to view. As a matter of opinion, all I really hear from the media nowadays is what illogical rant Donald Trump has went on the previous day.

One striking fact that I discovered after having listened to the On The Media podcast is the fact that I can’t seem to find one credible news outlet that is writing or broadcasting about the misrepresentation of Bernie Sanders. There has not been one single story written by any of the major players that include The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal. There has not been one single segment about his undermining on MSNBC or CNN, who seem to have already indirectly endorsed Hilary Clinton. This article by leftist media Mother Jones brilliantly depicts the relationship between Sanders and the mainstream media:

Bernie Sanders Hates the Media Just as Much as Republicans Do

My theory is simple. The media has tried to suppress the popularity of Bernie Sanders because he seems to be the only candidate that can capture the attention of millions of people without superPAC money or fancy endorsements from conglomerate news outlets. They don’t enjoy the fact that he doesn’t need them. We know Mrs. Clinton needs them for sure, or she would have been roasted a long ago for the spectacle of Benghazi or her apparent usage of her personal email during her term as Secretary of State.

I leave you with this in lieu of our upcoming George Lucas and Star Wars discussion:


Franco Fino


  1. Franco,

    Thanks for a great ‘first’ blog for our class.
    Without you providing the motherjones link in the article, never would I have known about Sanders’ relationship with the media. I know he is one of the older guys out there, but bashing on the media as if it’s worthless is a little bit too much. Of course, media can be biased and there are times that media only lets you hear what you want to hear, but I would not call that ‘intentionally brainwashing people’, as Bernie Sanders says in the article.

    No wonder why Bernie is being ignored, as you mentioned. Even though people are still listening to and caring about his ideas, I believe you must have some sort of media attention in order to make it. You simply cannot live around the technological changes and the importance of media.

    By the way, Donald Trump is now threatening with not coming to a debate on Thursday, because he clashed with a moderator from Fox News. The debates are must-see television events, so Trump knows exactly how to play these games.

    Bernie being undermined by the media obviously also means more attention to the other candidates. I respect him for not using all of this extra media attention, but I also think he should think about how helpful it could be… This isn’t the 21st Century for nothing!

    Bregje (B)

  2. Franco,

    Great visual at the end! As someone of not much political concern or particular view I found the information about the presidential debate interesting. I had never heard of Bernie before the podcast to be honest. But I found the statistics and data about him in the election shocking. I have to agree with B about her points about Trump, he knows how to work the media into giving him more coverage.Bernie needs to construct more attention if he wants a good chance in being taken seriously as a candidate. The support of a few states will not win him an election.

    Amanda Cirocco

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