Hollywood Emotional Spins.

After listening to the segment on the movie “13 hours”, a lot of emotions went through my mind as I listened. Being an avid moviegoer and avid Netflix user I don’t take movies and TV shows for what they are, I really like to depict and examine the characters and who they are as people. Granted it is not real but at the end of the day the story being told has relevance or a sense of truth to it whether you relate to your own life or the lives of many. In this case the story was about how paid military contractors fought off invaders to protect their own lives as well as a U.S ambassador. To my understanding the whole situation that happened on September 11 2012 was a cover-up and our government kept it from the general public.

In an interview on Oct. 28, 2012, with CBS’s “Face the Nation,” McCain continued to hammer the president:

“You know, somebody the other day said to me this is as bad as Watergate. Well, nobody died in Watergate. But this is either a massive cover-up or incompetence that is not acceptable service to the American people.” 


Yes, I get it… its Hollywood and they always put their own twist to story to make more money or to make it more interesting then it already is. In this case I really personally believe that this was probably an accurate depiction on what happened over seas, granted that I haven’t even see the film will definitely make it a point to go and watch. To the whole political aspect of how the movie itself wasn’t an accurate depiction on what really happened, but people have to stop being so arrogant about the subject. It’s. a. Movie. Yes it stirred up some sensitive topics in the U.S but isn’t that what movies are suppose to do to an extent, I do agree there is a fine line on that subject. Look at it this way people have to realize our government kept this from us and this movie brought to light to some that didn’t even know this happened. What else are they hiding? We don’t know that’s the problem. My point in all this, is this; a movie or TV show can do a lot to a person, make them sad, angry, mad, and many more emotions…that’s the point. It’s a movie.



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  1. I agree with your point that the purpose of movies is to simply make a person feel certain emotions. To play devil’s advocate, in a modern culture where individuals use just about anything to push an agenda, like social media, radio, and literature, why isn’t it possible that film could be used as a platform to push certain beliefs about an event?

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