Why Are We Blaming The Movies?

In the podcast I found the segment about the Michael Bay movie 13 Hours very intriguing. As an avid movie lover I found the comments that people were making about it ridiculous. Movies are created and are used as a visual art, if they are basing it on real events or just loosely ones, there will be extras that didn’t actually take place- again, “It’s just a movie.”

Movies are only able to depict so much and Bay claims his film is an unbiased account.

It was bound to happen though to this movie with a strong political message, it can change and alter people’s perceptions. I think Bay knew this going into the film but didn’t expect the amount of racial consciousness that increased from it.

Movies that are based strictly off of real events still have wiggle room, Titanic depicted a true story but had a deeper-love story that drew fans to the box office. Is it wrong that in order to depict the traumatic event they added the Hollywood twist of a love story? Again, people’s opinions and views all differ.

Amanda Cirocco

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  1. I agree with what you’re saying. Some people get too worked up about movies being depicted just like the actual events of the real story. Movies are supposed to be more elaborated and fiction because that’s what makes it intriguing to watch.

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