Flint Doesn’t Just Have A Crisis, the World Does

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan is devastating. Especially because the residents were not notified of the ongoing issue of clean water in their town. The media has publicized this for the past week and it’s been getting a lot of media attention. I can’t help but to wonder what about the rest of the world? If you really look at the media how often do they cover water crisis in other places – Bangladesh, Haiti, Afghanistan and the list goes on. These countries have been suffering for years and yet we as a country go into a frenzy when one town has a lack of clean water? It’s not to say that this is not right and we shouldn’t care, but if we can care for our own why can’t we care for others? The media doesn’t draw attention to the aid other countries need. While Flint’s water crisis can be fixed quickly because lets face it we’re the United States and we have the proper system to fix this issue, while other countries don’t.

This slideshow by Time Magazine shows that the world is in a water crisis, not just one town in Michigan. http://content.time.com/time/photogallery/0,29307,1724375,00.html

Safe drinking water is a worldwide issue. The media doesn’t reflect that and instead only caters to what seems as the most appealing subject to get an audience’s attention. Flint is only talked about because it’s specifically impacting us as Americans, but what we need to realize it’s greater than just that small town. The water crisis is effecting us on a larger scale.

Shanice Peters

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  1. I totally agree with you on this one. The media seems to highlight events in the United States in a much more dramatic way because… we are Americans. But what about those people in third world countries? Not saying that they do not cover these issue that occur around the world but lately Flint is all we have been hearing about; and this is coming from the opinion of someone who doesn’t watch or read much news. I don’t know about the rest of us but much of the news I do see/read comes from following these news outlets on social media and this is what I have noticed. Nonetheless it is unfortunate that our country can be so “resourceful” and still face issues like these, ones that usually just occur in third world countries.

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