The World Water Crisis

The ability to drink safe water is a global issue, that is not just relevant in Michigan but something that globally needs to be addressed. Water homes plant life, mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish in America but especially those countries that are oversea. In the United States we are blessed to live somewhere with such resources that made water shortage in Flint Michigan a non important issue on the global scale.

This map does a good showing the leading countries that face stress due to water shortage and the United States does not come close to some of the countries that are in high stress areas. Over 37% of the countries that were analyzed were assessed as having baseline water stress.


-Alyson Chase




  1. Hi Alyson,

    I think you bring up a really great point here. It’s well known that access to clean water is an issue in many places around the world. But as an industrialized country, Americans are shocked to learn of what has happened in Flint. Also great map really helped emphasize the issue!

  2. I completely agree with everything that was said, but to be short and sweet with my reply… don’t you think its weird that America has a higher stress level than locations like Africa and South America?

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