UnPlanned Publicity?

Planned Parenthood has recieved high publicity since it began. Abortion is one of the most controversial topics in America. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs but, it has been causing trouble in recent events. The case that went to the Grand Jury between two of the activists has blown up. Personally, I am choosing to leave my opinions out of the internet for my thoughts on abortion. I found the woman, (whose name I was unable to note down) who was being interviewed for the “On The Media” podcast thoughts on the subject attention grabbing.

There are people who are for and against abortion. There are also people who fall into the category of “not being sure”, the can see the reasoning behind the choice, but unable to  be sure that it is morally acceptable.

Being able to accept and respect other people’s opinions on controversial issues in American society is something we need to take more action towards. Women who endure abortions shouldn’t be misjudged or treated differently for their actions. I understand that it is a touchy subject and that people should tread lightly on. I found the segment to be extremely interesting and like to hear other people’s opinions and views, trying to understand them even if I do or don’t agree with them.


Amanda Cirocco


  1. I completely agree that people should be respectful to everyone’s own beliefs. If this was the case it would stop a lot of violence that happens between the two sides of this issue. There would not be as many shootings or protests at Planned Parenthood. Everyone would be able to do what he or she felt they needed to do without being persecuted by their peers. Women should be able to take care of their bodies how they see fit for themselves, not based on what anyone else believes.


  2. I do agree people should be treated the same no matter the choice they make on this subject but as being a person against abortion unless it’s a life or death situation or rape, I feel as though killing a life just because of your mistakes is wrong. That’s why they made a thing called adoption so the families that actually want kids and are unable to have them on their own have a chance to have that,

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