Very creative title. In last weeks debate a crucial individual was missing, and his name was Donald Trump. Trump, who doesn’t have a “great” relationship with Megyn Kelly one of the co-moderator of the debates, was one of the main reasons why he did not attend. Most people thought it would be foolish to miss the debate and would mean a slap in the face to the Iowans. But taking a turn and I am not trying to stir up political emotions or a debate, I really hate politics, I really do.


But I do respect Donald Trump, I enjoy watching his antics on TV and hearing commentary over the radio. I believe Trump is what our country needs, he is a strong businessman and he doesn’t back down to anyone. Yes, some of his thoughts as president are a bit unorthodox and unlikely goals but I would rather have someone like that to run our country with a history of actually doing things and getting things done, then talking about policy and just talking about there goals and not accomplishing anything. I honestly believe that Trump will make a positive and immediate impact to our country, we need to start focusing on us as a country and no worrying about everyone else and giving them all of our money. Our country is in a tremendous amount of debt and I think that Donald Trump has the ability, will, and attitude to get things done, and as cliche as this sounds, “Make America great again”.

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  1. So many people are strong Donald Trump haters so I think it was brave for you to say that you support him. I agree with you about Donald Trump being the answer the the debt our country is in. Although some of his views on some things are a little extreme, if one person could help the country I think it would be him.

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