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Google glasses, the technology that was supposed to change it all, the tech that was believed to bring the experience of the virtual world to new heights. We all witnessed the epic failure of this new technology; the question is, what happened to this marvel of technology and where has it gone?


When Google announced that they had invented the technology that would bring the virtual world into ours, the entire world lost their mind. Most thought this was the start of web 3.0. From seeing a map in front of you to texting back a friend and even be able to browse the web the Google glass were an astonishing piece of technology. But, as I asked today in class, what happened to them? Google has put them back in production. Executives pulled the plug on Google glass in January 2015. The Google executives had to deal with a plethora of problems; even before the Google glasses release. Many privacy right issues conflicted-for example, the recording of private conversations that held the wearable computer from being released on their original release date.  Many stores began to ban the Google glass due to the health concerns. Most didn’t feel safe having a computer with wifi signal close their brain, for hours at a time. Google also had to deal with the cost of the device, why pay so much money for a device that could do everything your phone could? The Google glass website says the “journey will not end here” but it seems its about over, hopefully they figure it out this technology can bring our society into web 3.0.


Willie Brown


  1. I’m happy you wrote about this! I’m curious if any rivaling companies had to deal with this too (an example would be the Apple watch). I am not sure when it came out for the public but I would consider it the “next big thing” after the Google Glasses. I also remember a lot of uproar about driving while wearing these. Maybe they will make a comeback, but I don’t see the point of it.

  2. Putting my 2 cents into this topic of “the next best thing” Google glass, yes I believe that if done right this technology could revolutionize how we go about even our daily lives. On the other hand I also think that if a product like this is going to come out it need to be perfectly designed and really marketed to the right demographic, and make sure as said in class today make it a utilitarian product, because last time I saw the product would cost over 2,000 dollars (please correct me if I am wrong). If that number is correct that is too much money for a product like that. I just really think this product is not practical… yet.

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