The 21st Century Hieroglyphics

How do you feel about emojis? Could you spend one week of texting without the use of the smirky face, the dancing girl or the dude with the sunglasses? If you have to enter the realm of a group chat that consists of bad jokes, confusing acronyms and sarcasm would you be able to respond with clear message that would allow the recipient to understand your thought process?


Now, I am giving you credit, you probably could navigate a group chat emoji-less, but would you want to? In the beginning, they were harmless a colon and parenthesis could create a smile or a frown. If you were feeling frisky you could use the semicolon. It didn’t matter if you used them or not, the craze wasn’t a necessity to text messaging. In today’s society, emojis have become a universal part of the texting language. An example would be when the diverse races of emojis were released. The desire for different skin tones was largely meant to connect the person sending the text message to the symbol, as if it was their hand giving the gesture. Which puts the use of emoticons on a personal level with high demand.

But my question, the overall reason for this blog post is simple. Will emojis become so popular that the need for words will become obsolete? Are sentences going to be overrated? A few weeks ago my friend sent me the entire timeline of Alice in Wonderland only by emojis. It was funny, it made sense and I understood it. But, what does that say about where our society is going? Our children will read and write, but what about their children and the generations yet to come? Are we backtracking to hieroglyphics? Is history repeating itself right before or eyes?





  1. I think you brought up a great point. Entire conversations can be had without the use of any words. However I do not think that we will ever go back to only using symbols to express what we need to say. Too much can not be communicated simply through an emoji

  2. In response to your blog, I do agree with everything in regards to how emojis are becoming so popular to the extent that they are becoming the next “language”, but I honestly don’t think that they will put words obsolete. With that, I hope that is the case because honestly you never know what is going to happen in our world today.

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