Algorithm Journalism. What is it?

Algorithm journalism is the process of tracking an online consumers clicks, searches and all around history. You wanted to buy a desk lamp from Amazon? Well, expect to see ads on Facebook about it. For the most part, you are searching for things you enjoy or for work and school purposes. The advertisements that come with that will most likely be harmless, annoying but harmless. Do you really care if there is a dark blue, swivel desk lamp that holds paperclips and pens for $14.99? Probably not, because you already made your purchase and won’t be needing to buy another one for a couple of years.

The question I have for you is how would you feel about switching the roles and tracking the advertisements. You would choose which ones would play before a YouTube video or in-between songs on Pandora. Here is an example; I am vegan. Yes, I know that is controversial but it’s not the point. Basically, the McDonalds ads or the Clorox bleach commercials aren’t doing it for me. I haven’t eaten animal products in over two years and replaying the same advertisement isn’t doing anything for the company or for myself.

So, rather the advertisers tracking our movements I would like to tell them I am interested in vegan cleaning products, cruelty free make up, and vegan food alternatives. It would be impossible to try and end all advertisements, you see thousands of them a day without recognizing it. My idea is that we could tailor what we see to our interests. It could be as simple as taking the “thumbs up/thumbs down” design from Pandora and using it on ads across the internet and even commercials on the television.

I don’t think it is fair that they can track us and we don’t have a voice in what we are forced into watching and hearing. Thoughts?



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  1. Arinn,

    I think your idea of choosing ads is something companies should consider. If we could choose which ads interest us it could grow their company and consumers. I personally don’t find interest in half of the ads I have to watch before I stream a video. Your idea never crossed my mind but it would make the “commercials” before the program I am about to watch more interesting.

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