I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Ever since I can remember music has been an extremely important medium to me. Not only do I link the music I listen to with memories, I also use the ‘medium’ to relax, or I use it for activities such as working out, going out, driving or when I’m traveling.

Music comes in all sorts of genres, obviously, so it depends on what mood I am to what type of music I listen to. When I’m driving, for example, I mostly listen to music from the 50s/60s (think of the Eagles, the CCR, Jim Croce, the Beatles, the Dire Straits) because it makes me feel calm, and it also reminds me of my father. He brought me up with ‘his’ music; the music he listened to when he was in college.
Moreover, my father and I not only share the same passion for music, we both are motor heads. Driving, doing road-trips and rally driving are our biggest hobbies, which I also associate with listening to the bands I listed above.

Also, because of him and other family members, my “knowledge” and interest in different genres of music are very broad.

Most of the time I listen to music on my iTunes or YouTube. When I listen to YouTube it’s mainly because I don’t have the song on iTunes, or I’m looking for new music to buy or download.
In my car, though, I use CD’s. Because I have a CD player that can switch between 6 different CDs there is always something to choose from!
When I’m running or when I’m in the gym, I have a playlist from iTunes I generally listen to. The songs on the list pump me up, or the songs are throwbacks to good times in the summer; it makes me happy and it also makes me want that summer body again…

Over the past few years I have been to a couple live concerts. Justin Timberlake, the Eagles, Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Goldfish (DJ’s from South-Africa) and a couple others. As you can see here, there’s some variety in the music I listen to.

My passion for music will always stay. So here, to conclude my blog post, one of my favorite songs… Enjoy!


  • Bregje (B) Smits



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  1. First of all I really like your title- very catchy. Your comments regarding different genres of music is something that resonates with me because I have a relationship with music that you explained. I feel as if different genres of a music are a means to self-discovery and self-expression. Also, I like how you mentioned how amazing live music is and maybe an interesting blog post would be the future of live music!

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