Stay Gold

In the “On The Media” podcast I found the first segment to be extremely engaging. It discussed the word of journalism. The woman Emily, who was a guest speaker mentioned an encounter she had and quoted

  • “I said don’t tell me I don’t go off the record. I am going to attach your name to it.”

Since I am leading towards a career in journalism I found her statement to be very true. The role of a journalist is to report good and bad news, people can’t say something and not face the consequences of what they’ve said. It doesn’t work like that.

As journalists and as readers, we are enticed into the negative media of people.

    • “There is more interest in finding out how information is compiled.”

I think this is very true and that no one cares as much as they should about the facts, than they do the personal news of someone. Another statement that was said in the podcast was ” There is dirt and then there is gold.” I think this resonates with journalists today, people can write basically anything and be considered a journalist. But you need facts, quotes, and specific pieces that tie a piece into being “gold”.

The last point that this segment pointed out that caught my eye was this line:

  • “When you spend your time trying to find flaws all it does is make you cynical.”

No one could have said it better than this. Journalism is a dog-eat dog world. No one has anyone else but themselves in their interest and you can easily get sucked into the world of pointing out peoples flaws rather than the good qualities about themselves. People want to hear the stories of  ex. (cheating scandal rather than who is donating to charity). This has been what our media has turned into- a gossip column.

Amanda Cirocco

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