Live Entertainment

I’ve always found that there’s something incredibly powerful about live music. Ever since I was in high school I felt that nothing compared to a live performance whether it was on television or at a concert, there is just nothing like it.

Last weekends Super Bowl halftime show is a perfect example of the importance of messages presented in live performances. Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyonce took to the stage and stunned America with a beautiful, united performance delivering messages of peace, understanding, and the importance of global citizenship.

Of course the entire performance was heavily scrutinized and not received by many in a positive manner.

Beyonce’s performance was torn apart by critics who felt that her messages of black female empowerment were inappropriate for this particular setting. But her messages were not strictly about self love. I mean, she called out police brutality, and the constant fear that black people have of the police. She even threw it back to Hurricane Katrina.

In her performance Beyonce (and her back-up dancers) dressed up in a tribute to the black panthers, going into a Malcom-X formation, and the lyrics were essentially telling cops to stop shooting blacks.

Rudy Juliani described her performance as “outrageous.” Claiming that she used the Super Bowl as a platform to attack the police.

Other’s were questioning why race was brought in at all. This was particularly funny to me because heres the plain and honest answer: Race was brought in because Beyonce was hired to perform. And now brace yourselves, but Beyonce is BLACK.

As a black person in today’s America, you walk around constantly being reminded of your race. You’re more likely to get paid less and you’re even more likely to go to prison.

The point is, Beyonce is black and this song is her message. Because that is what artists do – they explain their message through their music, and they use their music to spread messages they feel are important to them. What better platform than live entertainment do they have?

A. Santos

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