Take a Picture it will Last Longer

Growing up this phrase was something that people through around a lot. However, growing up there wasn’t resources that actually would take this funny phrase and make it a literal statement. However, now that we are living in a digital age this has been something that is made possible by the use of Snapchat.

When contacting a friend younger I used to have to pick up the phone and remember there number off the top of my head or actually look at written records of what there number is. Next step, I had my first cell phone where I started texting. Texting simplified the talking process even further, and now we have arrived at the Snapchat stage.

Snapchat has an estimated 200 million monthly active users, which pulled ahead of all other social media’s in grossing users, followed closely by Instagram. There are 400,000,000 snapchats that are sent between users daily and so far Snapchat has generated 0$ revenue.

So what make Snapchat so successful?

Snapchat gives us the opportunity to show a visual of where we are, what we are doing, and give us a shortcut. We love the shortcut, we love the easy, and must of all as a generation we love social media. Snapchat revolutionized social media and came up with something fresh and new and I absolutely love it.

-Alyson Chase



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  1. Alyson,

    Your blogpost about snapchat made me realize what snapchat actually is: it makes sharing moments easier. There is no better way to share experiences visually, so through photos or videos (even though you can only experience those ‘snapchats’ for 10 seconds).
    Another thing that makes Snapchat so successful, I think, is that it’s fast. Texting, looking up someones number, etc takes longer than just opening the app, snapping a pic and sending it to one of your top friends.

    Thank you for this blogpost!

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