You Are Your Own Media

It is safe to say that our generation was one of the first to be introduced to social media. These profile based sites have changed the way we communicate with one another and share information, but they have also changed the way companies try to attract their audiences. Although there are some cons to social media I believe it is advantageous in many ways.

I frequently use Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as a way to communicate with friends and family and also record times in my life. On social media we all have a distinct identity, each social media platform is can even be tailored to a different identity of that one person. It is important for us to remember though to be weary of anything we post on social media as nothing on the internet can be completely “deleted”. I love social media in that we as individuals can create our own media and content to share with the world. When used correctly, these tools can help us build our own brands using our already established following. There have been many success stories recently of social media entrepreneurs, one of my favorites is YesJulz, an event planner from Miami who travels the world planning and hosting parties for companies like Beats, and Sprite; and to who does she credit all her success to you may ask? The little white ghost app of Snapchat.

In 2011 Twitter introduced Twitter Web Analytics, a tool that helps users track the impressions their tweets make, and on who. Although I have had twitter for a couple of years now I just recently came across this tool. Twitter Web Analytics has many features: it breaks down your tweets per month to show you your most popular and engaging content, you can track your profile visits, tweet impressions, and one very interesting factor is that you can see the specific demographic of your followers and who you are following (from their what languages they speak, their regions, gender, to even what wireless carrier they use). All in all this is a beneficial tool when trying to figure out what tweets are getting you/your company the most recognition, and if you’re capturing the attention of the right audience.

More and more companies are using these basic and free tools to better their business. See how: http://www.adweek.com/news/technology/do-brand-marketers-really-use-those-mobile-apps-real-time-analytics-166495

– Yanilis Checo



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  1. I love the title you chose for this post. I think it’s fitting- what you put out there on the internet is a clear definition of who you are and the way you portray yourself on social media reflects and can either hold negative consequences or boost your career. I’ve been using the Twitter Analytics to track my tweets and it’s very interesting to see what people click and most of them are usually images from what I have found from my personal tweets.

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